RCMP Speed Watch

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To make drivers more aware of the speed they are driving and to reduce the number of speed related accidents and fatalities.

Speed and Traffic Watch volunteers monitor motorist’s behaviours in North Cowichan and Duncan neighbourhoods.  Directed and supported by the RCMP and ICBC, this program benefits drivers, residents, and the police by reminding citizens to drive responsibly, especially in areas where there may exist greater risk for collision and subsequent injury.

While monitoring traffic conditions, volunteers make observations about traffic volumes and traffic offences that are committed by vehicles within our city limits.  Statistics gathered influence traffic enforcement in our area.  Using RADAR equipment and an electronic sign for instant feedback, drivers are made aware of their speed as they travel neighbourhood streets.

Sample Activities:

  • Using portable radar equipment and an electronic digital board, volunteers monitor speeds in neighbourhoods
  • To participate in ICBC and RCMP sponsored public awareness programs (i.e. 3 strikes, school zone, education initiatives) throughout the year
  • Record speeds of every vehicle and forward these reports to the police
  • To work on crime prevention initiatives or programs that the RCMP provides, depending on the ability and interest of the volunteer
  • Complete an Operation Report form which records speeds and infractions in the areas monitored

Time Commitment:

  • The estimated total hours will vary. You will have flexible days and times. The minimum commitment is 16 hours/month (4 hours/week). The length of time commitment is one year.


  • Participate in training and orientation
  • Interest in community safety and crime prevention
  • Sign and adhere to the Confidentiality and Volunteer Agreement
  • Consent to a criminal record check
  • Perform duties competently, safely and wear the required personal protective clothing and equipment
  • Reliability in attendance


  • Workshop and Skill Development opportunities
  • Reference letter if requested
  • Invitation to Recognition events
  • Participating in making your community a safer place by encouraging drivers to slow down

Responsible to:

Manager, Community Policing Programs and Projects- RCMP

Contact Us

Duncan/North Cowichan Community Policing & Crime Prevention Office
#3 - 149 Canada Avenue
Duncan BC V9L 1T4
Phone: 250-701-9145
Fax: 250-701-9147
Manager: 250-701-9146

Cowichan Bay Community Police & Crime Prevention Office
1721 E Cowichan Bay Road
Cowichan Bay BC
Phone: 250-701-0961
Fax: 250-701-9160

Chemainus Community Police & Crime Prevention Office
9847 Willow Street
Chemainus BC VOR 1K0
Phone: 250-246-4382
Fax: 250-246-9174

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