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People with Alzheimer's or a related disease are no different than anyone else. They want to be able to move about freely and live as independently as possible. Changes in the brain can lead to a person with the disease becoming confused in familiar places, and forgetting the way to get safely home.

Registering yourself, or the person you support, with Safely Home® can give you the peace of mind to continue living as independently as possible, for as long as possible.

If the time comes when becoming lost is a worry, you will have the comfort of knowing that help is at hand. Planning ahead now can make it easier to manage a difficult situation later.

A special registration form, for BC residents only, will register a person with both Safely Home® and the BC Photo Registry. 


Police are being trained to access the BC Photo Registry.  We strongly recommend you always keep a recent photo on hand.

Alzheimer Society of BC
#300-828 West 8th Avenue
Vancouver BC  V5Z 1E2

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