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Keeping your home secure is not hard to do

Most home security strategies are easy and don't cost a lot of money. When you think about home security take your house, yard and even your neighbourhood into account. Pay close attention to the vulnerable areas. A good rule of thumb is if you can break into your home without much trouble, then so can a burglar!

Neighbours that work together at keeping their properties neat and well maintained send a silent but strong message that they care about what happens on their street. Take a look at your neighbourhood as a might see it and decide if it gives you a sense of safety and well being.

Also consider how your neighbours interact with one another. When neighbours talk to each other barriers are broken down, People feel safer and there is more willingness to work together. A good observant neighbour can be a great deterrent to crime.

Answer the following questions and see how your street measures up. The more questions that are answered "yes," the safer the street.

  1. Do you and your neighbours trim back trees when they are overgrown and hinder street illumination?
  2. Is your street free from litter and garbage?
  3. Are sidewalks maintained?
  4. Do you call the police about abandoned cars in your neighbourhood?
  5. Do your neighbours look out for each other?
  6. Do you leave an extra house key with a trusted neighbour instead of under a mat or other hiding place that can easily be discovered?
  7. Do you have an active Block Watch  to help communication among neighbours?
  8. Do your neighbours watch your home when you are away?
  9. Consider having a summer cookout/pot luck dinner with your neighbours to make new friendships, exchange information, and maintain a spirit of cooperation.


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