Auto Theft Prevention

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Tips to avoid auto crime


  • Keep your spare keys in your wallet, not in your car
  • Invest in a good anti-theft device such as:
  • Steering-wheel lock bars
  • Shifter locks
  • Brake pedal locks
  • Vehicle alarms
  • Electronic immobilizers
  • Close windows and lock doors. Take your possessions with you!
  • Avoid parking behind fences or hedges
  • At home, light your driveway all night Elsewhere, park in well-lit areas near pedestrian traffic
  • After opening an automatic gate to underground parking, watch out for thieves waiting to slip inside. Wait for the gate to close behind you
  • Engrave your stereo and other on-board valuables with your driver's licence number.
  • Install an anti-theft device to protect your stereo, or buy a unit that's removable and take it with you when you park.

If you see any suspicious person or activity near a vehicle, call the police immediately.

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